Quora Algorithm: How It Works and 5 Tips to Beat It

Quora is a fantastic platform for bringing personal and business users together to engage among a variety of topics. Users looking to expand and maximize exposure and engagement need to learn the platform’s operating system. 

Quora’s algorithm is the functioning set of rules that the platform follows with calculations and other problem-solving needs to work for all users. It determines where you rank in Quora according to Quora SEO

We put together a list of ways to maneuver these functions to rise through the ranks. Not only will exposure be gained, so will certain return on investments when it comes to the contributions made from a business. 

Include Rich Media in Your Content

Include media such as images, videos, and lists in your content. Visuals like these signal a call to look at the initial post and invite engagement,and readers are generally more inclined to rank the post. They may even find the ad more genuine, since you’ve taken the effort to supply complementary media.  

Establish User Engagement 

Be innovative with the content you present, and introduce new topics to the community. Each time a user sees this effort, they’ll upvote the post and contribute their thoughts, similar to Reddit’s algorithm. Others will be more likely to do the same. With that, you can create an entire conversation with your own control.

Write Answers That Users Will Upvote 

It’s one thing to provide an answer, but another to provide an answer that truly sticks. Take a look at these key actions to garner more action on the platform. 

Study the Competition: Look at other answers on the page and analyze what’s present and what isn’t. Based on the information already there, how can you elevate it? Consider which information is missing and see what is worth addressing. These two steps will have your answers provide more information, thus granting leverage over the competition.  

Format Strategically: Convince  your users to read lengthy posts and upvote them by the way they are formatted. Don’t use blocks of text. Make sure to break it up through smaller paragraphs, bullet points, and pictures. 

Also, make sure to switch up the different sentence lengths. You want to give your readers a good mix.  

Make Pattern Interruptions: Let your answers be the one that stops the crowd. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. If there are posts with photos, then shake it up with videos. Avoid answers that are too short, and make sure to add more depth for extra clarification. 

Avoid Platform Audits 

It’s not a good look to be on the radar of the Quora moderation team. If they think you’re performing actions that seem like spam, you could be flagged and blocked from using the platform. For example, don’t go and follow hundreds of random users for a potential return on engagement. 

Also, make sure not to share the same link multiple times, or it may appear as if you’re spamming users.  

Consider All Opportunities 

Look at the potential of each of your answers and posts. If one post has thousands of upvotes, that is equivalent to the potential you can earn on your response and more. 

Take a glance at the numbers of your competition, too. These are the numbers against which you are competing. The algorithm doesn’t discern between the number of followers. In fact, followers are only a guarantee of the number of responses most likely to occur. 

Our Final Thoughts 

Now that you know how to work with Quora and shift as needed to earn the trust of the algorithm, you can use the platform to the advantage of the business. By thinking strategically, including aspects of posts that invite engagement, and by taking the above steps into account, rewards will surely follow. 

Let us know what you’ve been doing to take advantage of the algorithm, or if you’ve already used any of the advice listed above. We’d love to hear your thoughts!