Google Discovery Ads: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

Since there are so many that use and love Google, let’s go in and talk about the purpose and importance of Google Discovery Ads.

Since there are so many that use and love Google (both for personal and business), let’s go in and talk about the purpose and importance of Google Discovery Ads. 

These specific ads are best defined as native advertisements that appear in several different Google feed environments. They’re also known to be the same signals that Google uses for its in-market audience targeting. 

Let’s take a deeper dive in exploring the process of these advertisements, how they’re optimized and the best practices to utilize going forward. 

What is Google Discovery? 

Now let’s backtrack and define Google Discovery. This is actually a particular feed that is found on the Google iOS and Android app home page. It can also be found on the mobile Google website home page. With this feature, users have the ability to personalize their feeds in order to see content that relates most to their interests. 

Since this is a separate and different functioning feature than Google search ads, users will not need to make a specific search to have tailored ads appear. 

This is How You Set Up Google Discovery Ads

In only four easy steps, find out how you can set up the Google Discovery ads yourself.

  1. First, set up your campaign. 
  2. Then design your Discovery ads in this two-part step. 
    1. Set up a single-image ad.  
    2. Set up a multi-image carousel ad.  
  3. Budget for ramp-up time on the ad after the design is complete. 
  4. Use automatic targeting in Discovery Ads for an effectively reached audience. 

By following all of the four above steps, you’ll be able to successfully set up and launch Google Discovery Ads for your brand. 

How Do Google Discovery Ads Work? 

There are three main components for how the Discovery Ads work for brands and advertisers. Follow the below to look at these key ways Google Discovery will benefit you. 

The Right Audience and Proactive Drive: By combining the reach you have and the powerful creative canvas, Google will have a better grasp of intent to anticipate the want and drive of your targeted customers. 

Key Creativity: You have the ability to inspire customers and show off your brand or products through a creative approach. This will be achieved through engaging images that are sourced by Google. 

Expansive Reach: You have the ability to reach up to a total of 3 billion customers across YouTube Ads, Watch Next, Discover, and Gmail social/promotions all with the use of a single campaign.   

This is How to Optimize Google Discovery Ads 

Discovery ads have the following features to utilize as part of your advertising and marketing campaigns. Take a look to see how each one will best benefit your brand. 

Reach More With a Single Ad Campaign: Since there is that ability to reach up to 3 billion monthly people through the previously mentioned outlets, utilize this feature as a way to reach potential new customers as they browse for their favorite items. This will be able to truly drive the reach as you run your campaign.    

Drive Engagement With Relevant Advertising: Google understands customer intent, so you’ll have the ability to show more relevant advertisements to those with similar interests. This is perfect for achieving successful target marketing. Customers will then be able to learn more about the products of interest being offered. 

Rendered Ads to Be Visually Rich Across Google Properties: These are the types of ads that are designed and tailored for discovery. You’ll be able to use the formats and machine learning to be able to showcase your campaigns successfully to the right customers.   

These Are Best Practices for Google Discovery Ads 

Now that we know what these ads entail, let’s look into when to utilize them and why the following are considered to be best practices. 

Reconnect With Loyal Customers: Loyal customers will return over time, and they’ll do so by finding the relevant content they’re known to enjoy. Discovery ads will give you more opportunities to drive action from those who are more likely to engage with your brand the best. 

This will include those who have previously visited your website and those who have made a purchase. 

Reach New Customers With Media: You have the opportunity to share more visually rich media and have the creative touch across the different feeds on Google Properties. You’ll be able to raise the interest and gauge the potential of new sales.  

Drive Conversion: The ultimate goal is to make a purchase. The purpose of Discovery ads is to drive sales, increase newsletter signups, and drive traffic to the website for a more detailed look at the product. 

Our Final Thoughts

We find that there is great selling and exposure potential with the use of Discovery ads. Let us know what you think about Google Discover Ads or your experience with its use if you’ve run campaigns on there before. 


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