Google Shopping Ads: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

Google Shopping is a shopping process provided by Google, where customers can search, view, and compare products from brands’ websites.  

These products are displayed on Google from the moment a customer begins searching for a product. They appear on the regular search results tab, as well as the shopping tab associated with Google.  When a customer searches for a black dress, the dress pops up from all different brands and price points that have that item available.

We’ll take a deeper look into everything you need to know about the Google Shopping Ads feature in 2021.  

What is Google Smart Shopping?

Smart Shopping is one of Google’s newest campaign types. It’s designed to use machine learning to reduce the normal amount of time to optimize campaigns and invest more time into other aspects of the business. 

All an advertiser needs is a campaign objective and a budget. With that, Smart Shopping will be able to take care of the rest. Best of all, the ads are tailored for the vendors with smaller budgets and less time to strategize. This is ideal for newer companies trying to get off the ground and gain exposure.  

How do Google Shopping Ads Work?

Google Shopping Ads are considered to be one of the most effective ways to drive sales for the needs of the business.

They are best defined as Product Listing Ads (PLAs) which are ads that feature products that will then appear under product searches specifically for Google and Google Shopping. 

They will include and need the following in order to aid your business needs: 

  • Product image
  • Price 
  • Brand 
  • Reviews 
  • Shipping information 
  • Promotions   

How to Set Up Google Shopping Ads

You can learn how to set up Google Shopping Ads. ourselves. It’s easy and only takes seven simple steps:

  1. Open up your Google Ads
  2. Use the plus sign to create a new campaign. 
  3. Select the sales goal or any other goal that fits your needs. 
  4. Select Shopping as your campaign type. 
  5. Choose your linked Merchant Center account and the country that matches it. This will appear at the bottom of the page. 
  6. Set the bidding, targeting, and campaign adjustments on the next page. 
  7. Save and confirm your settings to launch your campaign.   

How to Optimize Your Google Shopping Feed

Your shopping feed is at the center of the Google Shopping campaigns. It is used to communicate inventory data for your PLAs to be relevant to future searches. 

In another 7 simple steps, this is how you optimize your shopping feed. 

  1. Make sure to organize feed content to match Google specifications. 
  2. Optimize product titles to work with search engines. 
  3. Use keywords that are both longtail and short. 
  4. Allow product extensions and promotions to have higher exposure and click-through rates. 
  5. Ensure that all product images are of high quality.
  6. Create product groups to stay organized and set up campaign segments.  
  7. Create shopping actions for products to show up under search engines. 

Best Practices for Google Ad Campaign Structure

The best way to set up the structure of your campaigns is to divide them and use product groups. This will allow you to always be in control over important aspects of ad campaigns, such as listings and bids. Then you can target all areas of the Google Shopping funnel.

By doing this, you’ll create awareness, drive traffic, and gain new customers, forming new target markets for those who may be interested in the product. This is a great opportunity for new businesses or those rebranding.   

Our Final Thoughts 

If you have a shopping business with different products on an online platform, would you turn to Google Shopping ads as a way to gain new customers and profits? We find that this current method opens doors to new and exciting avenues, especially as your brand develops. 

Let us know your thoughts!