Quora SEO Guide: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Rank #1 (2020)

Quora is a question and answer platform that lets users to ask and answer questions for others. This extremely popular digital outlet is rising in popularity, so much that marketers and advertisers are taking notice. In fact, more and more are using the platform to represent their companies through Quora SEO.

To take advantage of this, we provide expertise in Quora’s SEO and rank system, so you can land at the top in search results.  

Optimize Your Quora Profile 

Now that you know about Quora SEO, consider how to make the perfect profile for you and your business. These are key additions to your page, tol get you noticed by users. 

  • Explain the company’s role in their industry, or your role in the company (Think LinkedIn)
  • Display your current achievements and awards, and link these resources to your profile.
  • Add related company links for social media network accounts, blogs, and websites. 
  • Personalize the page with interesting facts and features about your company.  

Personalize Quora Answers

Since half the platform is answering questions, it’s a good time to shine as a brand or employee. Make the answers personalized and align with your overall communication strategy. Answering the question is important, because you’re teaching the user to recognize the company image from its tone of voice. Including the following for an extra SEO boost: 

  • Relevant and interesting images (GIFs, Infographics, Screenshots). 
  • Personal stories. 
  • Storytelling in first person. 
  • Format answers with high readability (bullets, paragraphs, numbered lists).
  • Answer with 300 words or greater to improve rankings.

Always Utilize Links 

Quora recently added the ability to put links in your questions and answers.

Allow links to appear in posts and answers organically: 

  • Use no more than two links per answer.
  • At least one link should navigate to the company website. 
  • Don’t use calls-to-action or clickbait openly.

Invest Time in Keyword Research 

There are many topics discussed on Quora every day. Use Quora’s platform to find the keywords that align with those topics. 

You can conduct traditional keyword searches, which are normally much larger in terms of traffic. However, by focusing on a niche topic, you may see more engagement and a more genuine response from interested users. 

Specific posts help with the keyword search. Take the URL attributed to the post, and place it into a keyword planner page to extract the best keywords for your brand. You can also drop it into the Google Cloud natural language processing API, where a Googlebot will extract what you need from the document.  

Search and Analyze Content Gaps

Content gaps are missing pieces of information on your website’s pages.  

It is vital that you address content gaps for these three reasons: 

  1. You’ll be seen as relevant to other pages.
  2. Google can understand the basis of the brand’s website more clearly. 
  3. More organic traffic with users that are already genuinely interested.

Content gaps can be hard to identify at first, and will take some reverse thinking to find the missing parts.  

Our Final Thoughts 

Are you considering using Quora as part of your company’s marketing plan? By tuning into different SEO tactics, you’ve increased the chances you’ll rank at the top of the page. Focus on strategy you want to achieve; is it to promote a new product, or gain exposure for your brand? 

SEO is a key part of marketing success. Let us know if you’ve used Quora for marketing tactics, or if you plan to use it the future.