15 Quora Stats You Need to Know in 2020

Have you ever used Quora for your own personal questions? What about for the benefit of your business? Quora can do wonders for your business. Whether it’s to raise awareness for a new product, or to supply a landing page outlet for new customers, it’s there. While you use Quora for your business needs, consider these top stats to keep in mind for your endeavors. 

1. Mobile Use on the Platform is Conducted the Most 

This stat comes in handy, especially when forming ads on the platform. Make sure you invest in mobile-friendly advertisements, or you may not reap the benefits of the initial investment. 

2. Quora Has Been Reported to Be Worth $2 Billion 

Silicon Valley considers this platform to be worth a truckload of money. Although Quora was slow to monetize, sometimes slow and steady really does win the race.   

3. 27% of Marketers Plan to Invest More in Quora Ads

More marketers are uncovering the true value of this company. As more find increased returns on investment, they are likely to continue featuring Quora campaigns in their budgets. 

4. These Are the Most Popular Topics On the Platform 

The following are topics are discussed on Quora: 

  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Marketing 
  • Learning 
  • Technology 

Is there one that coincides with your brand? Let us know! 

5. There Are 400,000 Topics Available on Quora 

If the main topics aren’t what you’re looking for,  you have about 400,000 more from which to choose. With Quora’s versatile audiences, you can mass or niche market as you please. 

6. Video Conferencing Views On Quora Are Up By 844% 

You can thank 2020, and the new “Work From Home” initiative for that. Video conferencing provides an abundance of opportunities, so many more people are figuring out how we can all use it together. It’s also a relatively easy process for everyone to learn. 

7. 32.5% of Users are Aged 25-34 

This number alone illustrates the size of the market that can be tapped with Quora. This age group is also the second largest among Quora users. 

8. The Average User Spends 4:11 Minutes On Quora 

This may not seem like a lot of time, but Quora has grown in minutes and seconds; and with so many more at home, the platform is always looking more desirable to new users. 

9. 63% of Platform Visits Come From Online Searches 

Quora has Google to thank for this. If search engines fail to answer user questions, leave it to Quora to do it for you. A community coming together on a platform can be quite powerful.

10. There Are More Adult Users Than Popular Publishers 

More users are looking for answers than creating answers. This gives businesses the opportunity to provide answers to potential consumers. With more answers and generated content, then this can create a more balanced platform for information. 

11. Businesses Have 4x More Conversions 

Since the launch of the advertising platform, advertisers have made a difference for their brands. The ones running ads o are 4x more likely to receive conversions, which helps drive traffic to their websites. 

12. Users Spend 2x More Time on Quora 

This is more time than users over 18 spend on LinkedIn, a sign that you should be on the platform your users are logged onto right now. 

13. 37% of Users Are More Likely to Be in a Management Position 

This is a direct representation of Quora’s demographic, based on the adult population. It shows that your business can get its products and services in front of decision-makers, which is good for any brand.

14. 65% of Users Have a College Degree 

Highly educated, these are users that mean business. 28% of these users also have a graduate degree. Keep this in mind for future communications to this type of audience. 

15. 54% of Adult Users Have an Income of Less Than $100,000

Keep this statistic in mind as you market specific products to your target market. Ask yourself if the user is willing to invest in a particular product, and try to explain why.