How Much Do Quora Ads Cost?

Together, we’ll look into how much Quora ads cost and how to go about launching your first ad campaign. We’ve got all of the details.

Let‘s talk about Quora! It’s a question and answer forum made that relies on a simple system of votes by users. For instance, if someone likes a post they get an upvote. On the other hand, when it’s not liked it’s voted down. When there are more upvotes, the post is then given more exposure than to the normal audience. 

With all that said, advertisers have the opportunity to put out parts of their campaign on the platform. Together, we’ll look into the costs and how to go about making your first post. We’ve got all of the details. So grab your questions, and we’ll make sure to provide answers in the way the platform expresses. 

This is the Quora Ads Minimum Budget 

The budget actually depends on you! When advertising on Quora, the platform (like many others) uses the position of auctioning in order for there to be a set cost on an ad. For instance, if two brands want the same ad spot, then they each may bid higher prices until one wins the spot with the amount they plan on paying. If there’s fewer competition, then that specific ad spot will most likely be cheaper. 

Best of all, advertisers are truly able to see where their ad money is being spent. In fact, the advertiser is only charged in the following two ways. Your money won’t be wasted. Take a look! 

Average Cost Per Click: This means that for every click that a user makes on the advertisement, the average is only charged to the advertiser’s account. No tricks or gimmicks!

Average Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM): The second way is determined by how many users are actually seeing the advertisement. They don’t necessarily have to click on the ad, but they do have to see it to some capacity on the feed. 

How Do Quora Ads Work? 

Now that you know the cost of these advertisements, let’s look into how you can create one of your own. Follow along to see everything that is entailed and how it can be applied. 

Make Your Account: Don’t just make any regular account. Log onto the advertising page on the Quora platform. You’ll be led to begin and start putting in all of your business information. It’s a simple and standard method set to lead you to success.  

Install Quora Pixel: Advertisements need to be measured. How else can you see where you need to improve? That’s why it’s super important to install Quora Pixel on your website. You can then take these two actions: 

  • Track conversions 
  • Build marketing audiences 

Quora Pixel is essentially a system made by the platform that will track the advertisements and showcase the success. If the ad is proving to not be a success, ask yourself how and why. A few quick fixes are all you need to transform the ad into something even better.  

Set Up Targeting: 

Set up the name of your ads in order to not get them confused. This also involves the necessary keywords, locations, and negatives needed to specify it more on the target market and demographic side of things. 

There are also two types of targeting, topic and audience targeting. 

Topic targeting is where the topics function similarly to keywords, which allows you to sort out what questions will best serve the ad and its positioning. 

Audience targeting is where Quora pixel allows you to section out website visitors. You can then target new markets.        

Our Final Thoughts 

Quora is quite the platform that can sometimes be treated as a hidden gem. In fact, the platform in itself is one to truly take advantage of in a multitude of ways. Think about it this way. Consumers are able to have all of the answers they need right at their fingertips. On the other hand, advertisers are given access to so many different target markets on one platform. 

Plus, advertisements are only really paid for when the engagement is found from other users getting involved. This makes this type of advertisement not only more effective but also more lucrative. That’s a double win for us! 

Would you advertise on Quora? Have you advertised and run a campaign on there before? Let us know! We’d love for you to tell us about your experiences and you think these advertisements will best impact the brands that you represent. 


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