JungleTopp Media Recognized as Top Minority Owned Business on Clutch, Maintains Stellar Perfect 5.0-Star Review Average

JungleTopp Media Clutch

JungleTopp Media is an award-winning, Boston-based, advertising agency focused on pioneering advertising technologies! We work to be the best value for our clients. Hiring an outside provider is a smart business move in many ways, and hiring a full-service advertising, communications, brand, and design agency is even more essential. That is why we are so honored to be one of Clutch’s top firms and maintain a perfect 5.0-star review rating average on their site!

JungleTopp Media Clutch

Clutch is located in the nation’s capital city, just steps away from the White House in the District of Columbia. Their team of highly trained analysts takes the time to independently verify each and every client review they conduct, and then their editorial team curates and edits the content to present it in an easy to read format. When you’re purchasing B2B services, Clutch.co is the premier name for B2B reviews.

That is why we are so honored to maintain a superb average rating on Clutch! They recently added the best companies around the world that are minority or LGBTQ owned, and we’re honored to be featured as one of the top minority-owned companies on Clutch — a testament to our countless successful projects! As you look through company listings and past company projects on their sister site, The Manifest, you’ll also see we’re a leader there as well!

In a recent review, Brian Hansford, the Director of Demand Generation for a Security Training Company praised our SEO optimization work for his security and privacy training solutions company. Our work led to a 20% increase in organic traffic and the website now ranks for over 10 keywords!

“JungleTopp provides actionable guidance that leads to measurable results. They have deep technical knowledge and understand content structuring to help with SEO performance.” — Brian Hansford, the Director of Demand Generation for a Security Training Company

In another recent review, the founder of Amusl, Chris Walter, praised the Facebook advertising work we did for his entertainment company as we provided content creation, promotion, and consulting services with the aim of driving paid traffic to a website.

“Their ability to act so quickly on our recommendations stood out.” – Chris Walter, Founder of Amusl

We’re incredibly grateful to all of our satisfied clients, if you want to join their ranks please contact us today!