15 Reddit Stats You Need to Know in 2020

If the business you represent doesn’t use Reddit, with the following stats might make it easier to decide if you use the platform. The popular social media site has a ton of users to engage, and these 15 stats show why you should consider getting involved. 

1. More Than 199 Million Posts Were Added in 2019 

This proves Reddit’s popularity, and shows that it’s truly growing more than ever before. 199 million posts means there are that many more opportunities for engagement. 

2. 87% of Gen Z Users Partake in the Reddit Community 

The younger generation is beginning to thrive even more on social media platforms. When it’s the majority, keep the age group and demographic in mind for future target marketing. 

3. Reddit Has Grown its Users By 30% Since 2019 

More users means even more reason to engage with Reddit. This makes all the difference, especially since more businesses are advertising new Reddit campaigns. 

4. There Are Over 46.7 Million Daily Searches 

Reddit can be used as a search engine if needed, and the 46.7 million searches prove that. In fact, it is one of the main platforms web users consult as a source of reliable information. 

5. Reddit is the Sixth Most Popular Website in the U.S. 

It could very well continue to rise in the ranks. With the platform gaining traction with the younger generation, it doesn’t seem Reddit will shut down anytime soon. 

6. More Than 32 Billion Upvotes Were Reported in 2019

Upvotes and downvotes speak volumes. The more popular votes on a post, the more it’s exposed to other users. If your brand posts something that aligns with a user, upvotes are sure to follow.  

7. 1.7 Billion Comments Were Posted in 2019 

Not only is user activity increasing on Reddit, so is engagement. It takes more of a push for users to engage than it does for them to see posts, upvote, and then keep on scrolling. Think about what posts will encourage comments for your business. 

8. Top Reddit Posts Have Under 120 Characters 

Like Twitter, less is more on Reddit. The attention span of many users has shortened due to the advancement of social media and instant gratification. It’s best to grasp a user’s attention as fast as you can. 

9. Posts With Questions Have the Most Comments 

Questions increase engagement, as they are a direct invitation for someone to interact with your post. Without this opportunity, the most that can happen is an upvote or downvote. 

10. Posts Without Questions Have More Upvotes 

As mentioned above, make sure your statement matches the reported statistic. If there’s no real opportunity for engagement, then there won’t be as many comments to read as a response. 

11. The Most Popular Type of Content Include External Links 

This is for posting links to landing pages for your products or brand. An external link brings the user to the page, which brings potential new customers to shop on the website, which increases the opportunity for more conversions. 

12. The Most Upvoted External Links Include Videos 

Videos are the most engaging tool for marketing and advertising. Both are useful in getting the customer interested in a product.  

13. Science Subreddits Are Really Popular 

If your brand consists of scientific technology, this should matter to you. There are thousands of concentrated markets ready to be engaged by your brand. 

14. The Most Popular Phrase is “What is the” in /r/BidSEO Reddit 

There are a few common phrases that are nearly as popular: 

  • What are the 
  • How do I 
  • How do you 
  • What is your 
  • Is it possible 
  • How to get 
  • Is there a 
  • Best way to 

Have you used any of the above before? 

15. 70% of Reddit Video Views Are Done From Mobile Devices 

This is an important factor to consider as you launch campaigns on the platform. Make sure all posts are compatible with mobile devices.