15 Best Video Marketing Agencies

Video marketing may seem like a niche need for a marketing strategy, but it’s very much beneficial to almost all brands who want to partake. We’ve rounded up all of the video marketing agencies you should consider for your yearly strategizing meeting.  

1. JungleTopp 

JungleTopp Media is a digital agency that puts its clients first to achieve the client’s marketing needs. This company solves problems by building solutions that drive businesses to operate efficiently under varying circumstances. With video marketing in their tool belt, they’re able to offer a ton of different creative strategies for your business that makes sense to you.  

Services include digital marketing strategy, Walmart Ads, TikTok Ads, Instacart Ads, SEO, content creation, social media, and more.

Top clients include: Wealthsimple, Reckitt Benckiser, MediaPRO, HubSpot

Founded: 2019 

Headquarters: Boston, MA

2. Pop Video 

Pop Video provides solutions for companies that are mainly business to business-focused. Their team of strategists meshed with their team of creatives is able to provide competitive solutions that will drive businesses in a more profitable direction. 

Clients include: Kurary, Ecolab, and Abs 

Headquarters: Houston, TX 

Founded: 2010 

3. Yum Yum Videos 

With videos in their name, video marketing is certainly their specialty. Their 6-step process allows them to provide clever, yet engaging content for all different types of clients that they serve. 

Clients include: McKesson Corporation, Spigit, and Fox 

Headquarters: Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 

Founded: 2010 

4. Voy Media 

Voy media focuses on social media videos for YouTube and digital marketing. They are truly web marketing mavens who have a great focus on the more visual aspects of the campaigns. Timing is also key to all of their marketing strategies for clients. 

Clients include: UMG Gaming, XG Cargo and Therabox  

Headquarters: Queens, NY  

Founded: 2016   

5. Kasra Design 

Taking in different elements such as corporate and technical subjects, video production becomes a huge pool of possibilities for this team and the clients they represent. They believe in quality over quantity, which is great for those seeking a true return on investment. 

Clients include: Cravo, Hadean, and PatientPop 

Headquarters: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia  

Founded: 2011   

6. Oranje 

Oranje focuses on the manufacturing industry, but they do so with a creative edge in all of their videos to grow revenue for their organizations. They are strategic in all that they do, and their creativity and direct target audiences prove to give their clients the exposure they deserve. 

Clients include: Air Canada, Procycle, and EBI Electric 

Headquarters: 2012 

Founded: Vallee-Jonction, Canada 

7. Craftoon

Craftoon has the main focus to drive up high engagement and conversions from audiences. Their professionalism and creative approach allows their clients to meet all of their objectives. With such a small team of up to 10 people, they’re able to put their heads together and make each project a true success.  

Clients include: Blackberry, Nestle, and Cargill 

Headquarters: Poznan, Poland 

Founded: 2017  

8. LAI Video 

This is a small agency that is able to produce effective video marketing campaigns for all of their clients. They have a range of who they represent too. From large companies to those who are about non-profit, each campaign meets the tailored needs of all individuals. 

Clients include: FOX Architects, DC Education Fund, and Amazon 

Headquarters: Washington D.C. 

Founded:  2013 

9. Citizen 

Whether it’s advertising or marketing you desire, this is a full-service advertising/communications agency that films and edits videos that are known to engage audiences. Their modern and innovative eye helps those who may be more accustomed to traditional marketing methods and need to branch out. 

10. Sparkhouse 

Sparkhouse tells a story with every video they are able to create! With the right research and execution, they are able to have the artistic, yet knowledgeable approach to each campaign video that is released.  

Clients include: OC Health, Bala and Zivelo 

Headquarters: Orange County, CA  

Founded: 2009 

11. Indigo Productions 

A fully loaded video production company, this is a team of highly experienced individuals who have all different aspects of the video creations. This includes writers, directors, cinematographers, and more to execute the vision of every business represented. 

Clients include: Salesforce, Sony, and NHL 

Headquarters: New York, NY 

Founded: 1991  

12. Ydraw 

Like the name, this agency is focused on animations. Ydraw is able to achieve this with brand messaging and an empowering execution of the overall idea. They have a huge client base such as Google, Amazon, and Disney, who needs this kind of marketing in their strategies.  

Clients include: 76ers, Khan Academy and Bluesafe  

Headquarters: St. George, Utah 

Founded: 2011 

13. Demo Duck 

They are on a secure business mission for every client that they represent. Their efforts all lead them to humanize brands in videos, educate, empower, and overall market the products to new and existing customers. Working with clients such as Netflix and Geico, is deemed to be their specialty.  

Clients include: Lenovo, Zocdoc, and IBM 

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2011

14. The DVI Group 

With years of experience in their favor, this group has been able to create award-winning videos for multiple clients. All of their forms of offerings include business, corporate, web, and video marketing.   

Clients include: Holiday Inn, Mercedes-Benz, and MLB  

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA 

Founded: 1999 

15. CommCreative 

CommCreative focuses on unified marketing across all boards. They’ve been able to provide creative digital and social media campaigns for clients such as financial services, health care, biotech, education, and even more industries. 

Clients includes: GE, iboss, Johnson Controls, and Hebrew Senior Life

Headquarters: Farmingham, MA 

Founded: N/A