15 Best Advertising Agencies 2021

Advertising and marketing go hand in hand. So while we have already listed out a ton of top marketing agencies in the past, let’s look to see what advertising agencies make the cut as well. Not to get confused with the two, advertising and marketing are separate, but work best when they are together!

1. JungleTopp Media

A deep appreciation and understanding of advertising is conducted by a dedicated team of marketing professionals at JungleTopp Media, and that’s why they are placed at the top of our list. Using a combination of forward-thinking tools, real-world cultural experience, and results-driven techniques, JungleTopp brings effective marketing solutions to your business.

Top clients include: Wealthsimple, Reckitt Benckiser, Clearasil, MediaPRO, HubSpot

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Founded: 2019

2. Freeman 

Freeman is a family-owned business with years and years of brand experience, perfect for setting up your company for success in the advertising world. In fact, this agency is full-service and ready to deliver with some of the most memorable events. 

Top clients include: Google, LG, BMW and Cisco 

Headquarters: Dallas, TX 

Founded: 1927 

3. Burson-Marsteller 

Partner with an agency that has a worldwide network that has 77 offices, 85 affiliate offices and operates in 110 countries. Position your business in places that you originally didn’t think was imaginable, all with the help of Burson-Marsteller. 

Top clients include: Ford, Thomas Reuters and Blueair 

Headquarters: New York, NY 

Founded: 1953 

4. Smartsites 

This is a full-service digital agency with a team of over a hundred designers, writers, developers, marketers, and problem solvers.  They work together to promote, plan for, and build your business into the best it can be in creative ways. Using dedication and effort to work together as a team, Smartsites helps provide profit for the brands they represent.  

Top clients include: Porsche, Harvard University and Rakuten

Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Paramus, NJ

5. Grafik

While they maintain a headquarters in Virginia, Grafik is a Washington DC-based branding and marketing agency.  They strive to help clients internationally by engaging their audiences in a more meaningful and strategic way. They positioned themselves carefully to create customer experience design to promote better user attention.

Top clients include: Carfax, Honda and WTOP 

Founded: 1978

Headquarters: Alexandria, VA

6. Silverback Strategies

Collaboration is a top priority for this type of agency, where teams work together to assist the brand’s teams. Successful partnerships  allow this agency to thrive. They’ll design the digital ad strategy that separates your brand. They are also equipped to service brands with Google Analytics and AdWords.

Services include: PPC, SEO and social media marketing 

Top clients include: Mattress Warehouse, Strayer University and Discovery Education 

Founded: 2007 

Headquarters: Alexandria, VA

7. Branch & Bramble

Blending the beauty of digital creativity with comprehensive data analytics, this small agency has managed to perfect the formula for making a lasting impact for their clients. They are known for engineering and executing social media programs that bring real value to businesses and their followers. This agency has a team of experts in their respective fields, including social media, advertising, influencer marketing, and beyond.

Top clients include: WeWork, Fodor’s, Hotel 50 Bowery, Simon & Schuster

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Founded: 2016


Digitawise is a full-service eCommerce agency made up of talented marketers who work with their clients to elevate the value of their brands. They create uniquely designed online stores, advertising campaigns, and editorial content to drive engagement. The dedicated staff are constantly pushing the envelope and have retained an excellent record of client satisfaction.  

Top clients include: Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Woo Commerce

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2016

8. iPullRank

After hours upon hours of research and training to perfect the skills needed to thrive in the marketing business, iPullRank can successfully deliver results. From strategic planning and content strategy to promotion and measurement, this team ensures that your marketing strategies equal a fitting return on investment.  

Top clients include: Acuvue, Baileys, Complex and Beats 

Headquarters: New York, NY 

Founded: 2014

9. Burrell 

With a history of over 40 years, Burrell has only grown since they began their practice in 1971. The company drives change, and always gives back to their community. Working with a wide range of clients, Burrell finds and engages with different demographics seamlessly to provide the best results for their clients. 

Top clients include: McDonalds, Toyota, Coca Cola and Xfinity 

Headquarters: Chicago, IL 

Founded: 1971

10. Foote Communications 

Foote Communications prides themselves on storytelling for the brands they represent to convey their message clearly. Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, this team dedicates itself to tangible results, no matter the client. They provide solutions, so it is unlikely this agency will let anyone down. 

Top clients include: Tom Joyner Foundation, Denny’s and Denton Black Film Festival

Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX 

Founded: 2015

11. 360i

A team full of energetic creatives, 360i dives into the culture of each brand and audience so they can find a way to marry the two. They are meeting experts, with a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the adaptability a brand must possess to keep elevating their market share. When this team commits to a client, they show results that last for years to come. 

Top clients include: Truly Hard Seltzer, Oreo X Game of Thrones and DSW 

Headquarters: New York, NY 

Founded: 1998

12. Proximity 

Proximity is a digital agency that mainly focuses on the digital side of advertising and direct marketing. They have been awarded the most on a digital, direct and CRM level when it comes to providing advertising and marketing success for their clients. 

Top clients include: Volkswagen, The Economist, Audi and Foxtel 

Headquarters: New York, NY 

Founded: 1999

13. FleishmanHillard

This is one of the world’s biggest firms with a long history of effort and success under their belts. They not only analyze the advertising side, but they also look into brand management, social engagement and content strategy services for big name companies. 

Top clients include: Bose, GM, Russell Stover and Western Union 

Headquarters: Louis, MI  

Founded: 1946 

14. Merkle 

Merkle works based off of data-driven customer experience from your company and then strategizes to improve your company’s current sales and loyal clients. They make sure to maximize the business and opportunities you have and look for more ways to grow. 

Top clients include: DIRECTV, NBC Universal, Dell and AARP 

Headquarters: Columbia, MD 

Founded: 1971 

15. Ogilvy 

With so many offices all over the world and a huge portfolio of all of the brands you know and love today, Ogilvy is unmatched in their size and ability to deliver to companies from all different backgrounds. Each unique team is designated to your successful outcome. 

Top Clients include: Coca-Cola Company, Zebra Technologies and Nestle Waters 

Headquarters: New York, NY 

Founded:  1948