15 Best SEO Agencies 2021

If  you’re looking for a marketing agency to boost your search engine optimization rankings, then look no further! These SEO agencies are known to be some of the best in the country and the world. Follow along to see how we rank each one and why.

1. JungleTopp 

JungleTopp Media is a digital agency that puts its clients first to achieve the client’s marketing needs. JungleTopp puts every client first in order to dive into each personal need for success.  This company solves problems by building solutions that drive businesses to operate efficiently under varying circumstances. With their premier knowledge of SEO, they are able to drive more traffic to your website than ever before.  

Services include: Digital marketing strategy, Walmart Ads, TikTok Ads, Instacart Ads, SEO, content creation, social media, and more.

Top clients include: Wealthsimple, Reckitt Benckiser, MediaPRO, HubSpot

Founded: 2019 

Headquarters: Boston, MA 

2. Ignite Visibility 

Ignite Visibility is one of the top performing digital marketing agencies in the industry. Using some of the best strategies to drive website traffic and engagement, you can’t go wrong when requesting their expertise. They offer SEO, paid media, social media, email marketing and so much more! 

Top clients include: Tony Robbins, Sharp Healthcare and National Funding 

Founded:  2012

Headquarters: San Diego, CA 

3. Straight North 

100 percent of the time there are in-house employees at your service and ready to make your business grow from a marketing standpoint. Not only does Straight strategize for business to consumer, they also make sure they offer unique marketing advice to business to business endeavors. Their strategies are what will make your business that much more lucrative. 

Top clients include: Chicago Bears, Hub Group, Harvard ad UPS 

Founded: 1997  

Headquarters: Chicago, IL 

4. WebFX

Helping and providing a ton of marketing expertise for so many well-known companies, WebFX is consistently proving why they’re a trusted digital marketing agency. Over the last five years alone, their portfolio of work is unmatched for many. For instance, they’ve been able to generate $2.4 billion in customer revenue for clients.  

Top clients include: Walmart, Verizon, Auntie Anne’s and Subway 

Founded:  1995 

Headquarters: Harrisburg, PA  

5. SocialSEO

This is one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. They were published by Inc 5000 and only continue to keep on growing. Being a one-stop destination for all marketing needs, SEO isn’t the only marketing tactic this team masters. They put each client first, and make sure to tailor all needs to clients personally. 

Top clients include: Jaguar, Cadillac, The CE Shop 

Founded: 1996  

Headquarters: Englewood, CO  

6. Big Leap

SEO is Big Leap’s specialty when it comes to serving their clients for marketing. They’re results driven and they make sure to provide consistent effort in all of your marketing needs and questions. Your business is put first, and it’s treated as if it’s their very own. Big Leap prides themselves on honesty and making sure they provide the best growth possible. 

Top clients include: Avis Budget Car Rental, Nu Skin and Purple Mattress

Founded:  2008 

Headquarters: Lehi, UT   

7. Titan Growth 

This is a team that truly works together on improving your market share and return on investments. Tidan Growth will make sure to drive traffic, increase overall revenue and engagement among potential new customers. Certified to research and analyze each client’s needs, there’s tailored work efforts conducted for your personal success. 

Top clients include: National Geographic, Mikimoto Pearl and Mizuno 

Founded: San Diego, CA  

Headquarters: 2004 

8. Victorious 

Winner of several awards such as  Fastest Growing Company in California and Top 100 Private Companies, this is a marketing agency that works hard to resemble its name! By embodying a top business in order to make your own company thrive this is a team of marketing experts that’s able to unlock true potential. Their main service includes search engine optimization and the power to drive much more traffic directly to the website.  

Top clients include: Hallmark, Yahoo, GE and Salesforce 

Founded:  2012

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 

9. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency 

Using the internet to grow your business is this agency’s superpower among so many others. They’re known to seeing results such as a 500% increase in organic traffic and 300% increase in online leads. 

They promise their clients the following: 

-Integrity and transparency

-Award-winning expertise

-Personal contact

-Client happiness 

-Proven process 

Top clients include: Restoration 1, Driver Support and Ready Seal

Founded: 2005  

Headquarters: Dallas, TX 

10. SEO Brand 

Although they’re considered more of a boutique, SEO Brand is data driven and hungry for success for your company. They feel no brand is too big or small, and so they’re ready to personalize their strategies to your direct needs through ROI, numbers and leads. 

Top clients include: NHL, US Army, and Ceridian 

Founded: 2006 

Headquarters: Boca Raton, FL 

11. Infront Webworks 

Award winning in SEO and website services, this is a boutique digital agency that certainly knows their stuff. In fact, they have over 100 5-Star reviews on Google. Infront Webworks focuses on websites, digital marketing and SEO solutions. 

Top clients include: YMCA, Goodwill, Harley Davidson and Premier Urgent Care 

Founded: 1996 

Headquarters: Colorado Springs, CO 

12. SEO Inc. 

This company has had over 23 years of experience in both SEO and PPC. Each one of their campaigns was built on the foundation of their proven methodology. SEO Inc continues to evolve for you in the same way that search engines, social media and mobile technology has improved.  

Top clients include: Burts Bees, 20th Century Fox and Vegas.com 

Founded: 1997  

Headquarters: Carlsbad CA 

13. Coalition Technologies

Coalition has also been ranked at the top for SEO throughout the nation and on Google by so many individuals who have used their services. They have expertise in more than SEO too! They are well-versed in social, email, website design and development. 

Top clients include: Harvard, PayPal, Pink Lily and Jack Daniels 

Founded: 2009  

Headquarters: Culver City, CA 

14. Searchbloom 

Return on investment is guaranteed with this agency. In order to provide all the results desired, Searchbloom focuses on Local SEO, National SEO, Ecommerce SEO, International SEO and PPC Management. 

Top clients include: College Data, Jitterbug and Trex Fencing 

Founded:  2014

Headquarters: West Jordan, UT 

15. Delante 

Delante proves to have more of an international perspective and ranks among the top eight large SEO in 2020. All is made possible by creating custom strategies for search engine optimization in order to drive the proper web traffic needed. 

Top clients include: Protech, Botland and Nebbia 

Founded:  2014

Headquarters: Krakow, Poland