15 Best Minority Owned Marketing Agencies 2021

If you’re on a mission for a marketing agency local to your area, we may have one just for you. We’ve rounded up the best minority-owned marketing agencies in the country! Take a look to see how they’re able to aid your brands in unique ways that are tailored to your direct needs.

1. JungleTopp

With modern skills and fast-acting strategies, this is a marketing agency that strives to build solutions and drive business for brands that operate in virtually any industry. A collaborative team, each member strives for great communication and execution skills, making them highly sought after in the industry. Appreciation for the work and dedication from the team is what makes JungleTopp Media really shine with every client with which they collaborate!

Services include: Digital marketing strategy, Walmart Ads, TikTok Ads, Instacart Ads, and more paid media SEO, content creation, and social media, email marketing

Top clients include: Wealthsimple, Reckitt Benckiser, MediaPRO, HubSpot 

Headquarters: Boston, MA 

Founded: 2019

2. Sensis 

Not only is this an agency that works with the demand of the people, they also work with the needs of the company. Sensis is a cross-cultural marketing agency that is able to collaborate with expertise from the Hispanic, African American and Asian markets in order to meet the ever-growing and changing market. 

Top clients include: AltaMed, UCLA Extension, MetroLink 

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA 

Founded: 1998

3. Citizen Group 

Award winning, this is a marketing agency that is truly able to do it all! From forming design aspects to creating the advertising and communications for the brands represented, Citizen Group constantly works to improve the overall appeal of the company that needs to build exposure and acquire stronger return on investments.

With the work that is done, each brand leaves the representation with stronger consumer connections and loyal customer behavior as a result.   

Top clients include: AT&T, NHL and Super Bowl 50 

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Founded: 2006 

4. JJR Marketing Inc. 

JJR Marketing Inc. is looking to improve the business to business space in order to achieve higher brand awareness by utilizing public relations techniques within the Chicago area. This is an agency that is primarily looking to create long-lasting engagement among the different target audiences that are communicated. As a result, they are able to provide the following: 

  • Buzz 
  • Leads
  • Referrals 
  • Sales 
  • Growth 
  • Loyal Brand Advocates 

All of the above are what will make a brand appear stronger as well as create an image that will present more prominently over other forms of competition.   

Top clients include: N/A, their focus is on new clients looking to assist in public relations on top of other marketing services. 

Headquarters: Naperville, IL 

Founded: 2006 

5. Noble Digital 

Noble Digital goes inside the box to analyze data that is already present and then designs a creative strategy to drive the final results among consumers. When working with Noble Digital’s team, they are able to provide a detailed look into the data, strategy, design and creative elements. This ensures that no part of the brand goes without acknowledgement and improvement in order to better present to the consumers who are targeted. 

Top clients include: New Balance, Coca-Cola and Fundrise 

Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA 

Founded: 2012 

6. Crea7ive Branding and Advertising Agency 

This is an agency that is able to delve into the branding and digital innovation aspects, all with a premier focus on the Hispanic markets. They are able to tailor strategies to a brand’s goals as well as speed up the process of each brand achieving them. Without an agency that can look into both data and creative elements, there will be a missing portion to a brand’s mission. 

Top clients include: Wendy’s, Zumba Fitness and Armani

Headquarters: Miami, FL 

Founded: 2006 

7. Lopez Negrete 

Lopez Negrete is able to officially say that they are the nation’s largest, independent Hispanic owned advertising and marketing agency. Not only that, but they offer full services that will meet the needs of all of their brand requests. They have high functioning units such as business planning, business analytics, research and strategic planning, which all contribute to the large successes each has been able to achieve over the years.

Top clients include: Walmart, Bank of America and McDonald’s 

Headquarters: Houston, TX 

Founded: 1985 

8. Marccx Media 

This is an agency that has a heavy focus on content marketing for those looking to achieve more engagement on their growing business. They strive to create memorable experiences all while driving more traffic and conversions for the brand. 

Top clients include: WeWork, General Assembly and Perfecto 

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY 

Founded: 2015 

9. Bowhead Business and Technology Solutions, LLC 

This marketing company not only works with companies within the USA, but they also partner with other businesses on an international level. Each team member is committed in helping brands finetune their ultimate path to success. 

Top clients include: N/A 

Headquarters: Plano, TX  

Founded: 1999 

10. Purple Group 

Under the same ownership of LopezMartin and Associates, this newer agency has come to the forefront to leverage and engage with customer cultural experiences for brands. As a result, this will aid help-seeking brands that need to communicate powerful messages in order to fully maximize results.  

Top clients include: N/A 

Headquarters: Chicago, IL 

Founded: N/A 

11. Culture One World LLC 

In the heart of downtown DC, this is a communications agency that is set out to provide social change and drive results. They are able to achieve this by combining their elaborate data insights with consumer culture so that they can provide the best results possible. 

Top clients include: 2020 Census, Amtrak and NBA 

Headquarters: Washington, DC

Founded: 2011

12. Data-Clear, LLC 

An online communications firm that is able to provide data solutions in a clear and efficient manner. With over eight certifications under this agency’s belt, Data-Clear is more than qualified to service your brand’s latest needs for improvement. 

Top clients include: N/A

Headquarters: Arlington, VA 

Founded: 2010

13. Odagan Marketing Agency 

Focusing on well-known celebrity talents, Odagan Marketing Agency focuses on partnering them with matching brands. They do this to start conversations as well as direct results to both parties, making the ventures beneficial for all. 

Top clients include: Usain Bolt, Taraji P. Henson and Jasmine V 

Headquarters: New York, NY 

Founded: 2009

14. Power Forward Woman LLC 

This is a business that is fully owned and operated by women, service-disabled, military veterans and minorities. Serving clients worldwide, this agency is able to offer a fresh spin and point of view to your current brand presentation to consumers.  

Top clients include: N/A 

Headquarters: Grand Prairie, TX 

Founded: 2012 

15. Sams, Stanley Knowledge Press 

Brands need a marketing agency that is consistent and detailed in their approach and the work they do for all that are represented. This alone will help your brand reach large audiences and have measurable results. By being collaborative and resourceful, the investment will be highly worth the return. 

Top clients include: N/A 

Headquarters: Broomfield, CO 

Founded: 2013