6 TikTok Creative Tools You Need for Advertising

TikTok is one of the highlights of 2020 so far, but to marketers, it may feel as if they’ve struck gold. Now that advertising and campaigns are heavily used on the platform, marketers are finally trying TikTok and TikTok Creative Tools out for themselves
TikTok Creative Tools

TikTok is one of the highlights of 2020 so far, but to marketers, it may feel as if they’ve struck gold. Now that advertising and campaigns are heavily used on the platform, marketers are finally trying TikTok and TikTok Creative Tools out for themselves. Businesses like Chipotle and Guess are already huge successes as some of their campaigns have gone viral over and over again. 

However, the success itself doesn’t come overnight. In fact, there’s two parts. 

  1. The marketer’s strategy. 
  2. TikTok Creative Tools to make that strategy come to life. 

Let’s explore further into how these creative tools are beneficial to all of the marketing strategies they meet.  

1. Video Templates

TikTok video templates

TikTok offers an entire video toolkit meant to give marketers the opportunity to create video ads faster and easier. 

Start of the process by selecting a template and uploading and photo assets, text and logos that will compliment the desired communication. There’s no video editing skills required, so the toolkit offers an easy transition to professional video. 

By utilizing this feature, these are some of the benefits that will go with it. 

  • Less time spent on creation
  • Money saved from the creation process
  • Video creation is achieved with the click of a button
  • There are templates for available for any brand that comes to mind 

Unsure of when to start beginning to use this method for the brand. These are a few of the following reasons that brands opted to showcase their content. 

Promote features on a single product: TikTok recommends uploading separate pictures for each feature in order to showcase the entire product along with the brand story. This is especially great for products that have multiuse. 

Promote several products: Perfect for brands that have a lot to offer and want to show, upload multiple photos in order to get each feature across with styles, colors and sizes. 

Tell the brand story: Use this feature to dive deeper into the brand story and connect with consumers using multiple different photos.  

Produce a demo to show use: This is one of the best ways to show customers how to use the product, app, software or even service. Each picture uploaded can give instructions step by step. 

2. Smart video 

TikTok Smart Video

When creating any type of video, it’s normally time consuming and has several steps attributed to it. To get rid of that long process, TikTok offers Smart Video as a way to seamlessly communicate the desired marketing message all with the use of artificial intelligence. 

With this capability, the platform is able to yield some of the following benefits. 

  • Easy editing process 
  • Users can analyze and alter any major parts of the video 
  • Look through all the different tracks and rhythm of music 
  • Generate more than one video in order to find the best one 

3. Landing Page to Video

TikTok landing page to video

This amazing tool will capture high quality images perfect for your landing page. This will then be combined with a large copyrighted music library that will generate professional content for your viewers. 

To use this tool means that there are many amazing advantages that marketers can utilize in the process. These are some of the following best features. 

  • Expand video inventory 
  • Create options for video content at the same time with different styles 
  • Create videos on a platform that allow them to be produced quickly
  • Mix video effects with the music 
  • There are over 300 copyrighted music tracks to select

4. Smart Video Soundtrack

TikTok Smart Video Soundtrack

Music and rhythm is what gives a video the needed boost and have viewers truly turn their heads to watch. To coincide with Smart Video, TikTok Creative Tools also brings marketers Smart Video Soundtrack. 

This is a capability that also uses artificial intelligence. After uploading the initial video, the platform will automatically add music that compliments the message. Marketers also have the option to alter music if they wish, video volume and music volume to better fit the desired audience. 

When selecting this option in the video making process, these are some of the advantages marketers can look forward to. 

  • The same 300 copyrighted music choices for free 
  • Customized video volume and music volume 
  • A selection of up to 10 different music styles 

Upon uploading the videos, there is a different recommended file size, ratio, format, resolution, bitrate and duration to follow in order to make the final product as high quality as possible. 

5. TikTok Ad Studio

TikTok Ad Studio

Create a professional ad all from the comfort of your phone by using TikTok Ad Studio. The separate platform is available to download both on iOS and Android. Not sure how to go about using this tool? They give a quick walkthrough lesson. Plus, it’s free and easy to use. 

TikTok supplies key features that will have the ad flying off the ground and onto the screen of new customers. 

  • Video effects and filters 
  • Easily edit video speed and set video timer 
  • Add unique video transitions 
  • Save as a draft and edit at any time 
  • Cut out or delete part of the video 
  • Adjust soundtrack volume and video volume 
  • Add text and stickers 
  • Push the video to TikTok Ads Manager 

6. Automated Creative Optimization 

creative tools for scale

When using Automated Creative Optimization, it helps manage ads more efficiently and effectively. This tool is able to do this instantly finding high-performing combinations for creative assets. 

Simply upload images, videos, text and a select call-to-action to complete its formation. Then the system will combine all information input in the system and churn out multiple ads for analysis and use. 

If enacting this method, then marketers will be able to look forward to some of these features. 

  • There’s no need for AB testing 
  • Save time and effort for other projects 
  • Extend the ad’s life 
  • Create ad traffic that’s more quality than quantity

Our Final Thoughts on TikTok Creative Tools 

With all of the amazing features that TikTok yields to marketers and content creators, why not join along with TikTok Creative Tools? This is a social media platform that creates the most engagement among users and has no plans for slowing down. 

Have you already used some of these features? If so, how has it helped you with your brand’s marketing journey?  


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