Bing Advertising: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

Believe it or not, Bing has its own form of advertising that proves to potentially do well if added to your marketing strategies for the year. We have all of the information you need to get started and understand this specific advertising platform. From gathering a solid concept of what Bing ads entail and the overall benefits, you’ll surely be considering this platform for future use.   

What Are Bing Ads?  

The best way to define Bing ads is to say that they are Microsoft’s version of Google Ads. These ads allow you to run on both the Bing search network as well as its partner networks, which include platforms such as Yahoo and AOL. Each of these still has a relatively large audience too. 

These ads are positioned to display at the top, bottom, or side of the search engine results page. 

These Are the Benefits

Now that we know what Bing Ads entail, let’s take a deeper dive and see how the following benefits could get you to take the plunge for your marketing campaigns. These three benefits are key to aiding you and the brands you represent in a unique way. Take a look to see exactly how they can gain business for your brand. 

Search Volume: Search volume is a huge factor in why advertisers take part and use Bing ads in the first place. They want the traffic of the potential new users. Without it, there wouldn’t be too much power in the search engine capability. With this benefit, brands have the ability to improve on impressions, clicks, conversions, and sales. In fact, this will help customers move through the sales funnel much more easily. 

Cost per Click: Advertising on Bing has the potential to save you a chunk of cash with each click. Why? A click on Bing costs around 33-42% less than it does on AdWords. That’s huge for those with a bit of a tighter budget and still looking to gain a solid return on investment. 

Keep in mind though that what you ultimately spend depends on you. In fact, it will heavily depend on the market and keywords that are attempted to be targeted. When in comparison to Google Discovery Ads, Bing ads will always be the cheaper expense.  

Competition:  Since Google Ads is technically a bigger platform for the search engine market, this means a great deal to those who want to advertise with Bing. As a result of the large size of AdWords, there is much less competition on Bing. This means that you have the potential for much better ad placement with fewer comparisons made when shopping. Not only that, but it will lead to much better results for your business, in the long run, meaning more sales and higher profits.  

How Do You Set Up Bing Ads?

In seven easy steps, Bing Ads can be a part of your marketing strategy. Take a look at the below to see how these advertisements yield great benefits to the brands that you represent. 

  1. First, create your own Bing ads account 
  2. Then select and set up all of your basic settings 
  3. Pinpoint location targeting for your campaigns 
  4. Research your keywords for effective targeting 
  5. Write out the copy for your ad 
  6. Choose your budget 
  7. Run your campaign and measure results 

Our Final Thoughts 

With everything that Bing ads possess, it adds a more unique approach to advertising and search engines. This works especially well when looking to go about the process without having to involve Google as well. 

Plus, the three key benefits listed above also help to add more to the experience. Let us know what you think about the idea of using Bing ads in your marketing strategies in the future. If you currently utilize this method, then let us know what personal benefits you saw from the campaign as well as what you think needs to be improved. 

Marketing is a research-heavy and targeting based type of business. By knowing all of the key advertising platforms on a digital scale, there are more opportunities to reach new audiences as well as better methods of targeting marketing ideas to the specific brands you currently represent.