25 Amazon Advertising Stats You Need to Know in 2020

Amazon the retail company and Amazon’s advertising has taken over the market with convenient shopping. Need furniture? They’ve got that. What about groceries? Done and done. Oh, and anything else that you could want and not really need? It’s covered. 

Amazon went from selling books to virtually anything you can imagine. For an advertiser, this is a dream come true. Below are some Amazon advertising stats that have advertisers running to launch ad campaigns, and consumers coming back each time they need to shop. 

1. Amazon will Net Almost $10 Billion in US Ad Revenues This Year

This is just from ad revenue alone, not from selling. With so many loyal consumers that love the company ordering so frequently, Amazon is a smart move for advertisers. 

2. 66% of Product Searches Originate on Amazon 

If your product is featured on Amazon, it has a high chance of being seen by consumers who use search engines.  

3. There are Nearly 200 Million Worldwide Monthly Visitors 

That’s 200 million people for advertisers every month, providing an easy way to find digital foot traffic. 

4. Driven by Prime Day, 2.65 Billion Visited Amazon in July 2019 

Prime Day has driven more sales toward Amazon than Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

5. 54% of Products Sold Come From Third Party Merchants

Third-party merchants are companies that accept credit/debit card payments on behalf of businesses. The 54% shows that they cover more than half the sales on Amazon. 

6. Only 140,000 Sellers are Doing More Than $100,000 in Sales

While there are a ton of sellers on the site, there will always be a select few at the top in terms of advertising and business. 

7. The Average CTR on Amazon is at .41% 

A low click-through rate means that consumers don’t find the ad very compelling. With so much competition, it can be hard to stand out. 

8. The Average CPC on Amazon is $0.71 

This is the average amount an advertiser pays when consumers click on Amazon advertising. The lower the CPC is, the larger the ROI will be. 

9. The Average Amazon PPC Conversion Rate is 9.55%

For other websites, the average is 1.33%. This speaks for volumes for Amazon advertising, as it means more people who enter the site are making purchases. 

10. The Average Advertising Cost of Sales on Amazon is 27.59%

ACOS is calculated as the total ad spend divided by the total sales. Most ACOS ranges from 20-40%. 

11. The Average Impressions Per User Per Day on Amazon is 101,265 

This represents the high amount of traffic driven toward any given product every day. 

12. The Average Clicks Per User Per Day On Amazon is 382

Impressions most likely lead to clicks. On average, if there are 101,265 impressions, there are 382 clicks that follow. 

13. The Average Conversions Per User Per Day On Amazon is 36.67 

Think about the total units sold to each person per day. There is high potential for Amazon shoppers to purchase more than one unit per transaction. 

14. The Average Spend Per User Per Day On Amazon is $268.21 

The average amount shoppers spend is a couple hundred per day, meaning thousands per year. 

15. The Average Revenue Per User Per Day on Amazon is $987.77

This includes any discounts, deductions, returns, and refunds. It’s a gross amount, where costs are subtracted to determine net income. 

16. 9 Out of 10 Consumers Price Check a Product on Amazon 

This shows that Amazon is more likely to have better prices, and consumers know this. Since the prices are lower, the price checks lead to more sales on Amazon.

17. 2% of Echo Owners Have Purchased a Product Via Alexa 

Amazon’s accessories are also helpful to advertisers, as they give consumers more avenues to purchase products. 

While 2% may not seem like a lot, consider that about 70% of all smart speaker users own an Echo. 

18. Amazon Sells More Than 12 Million Products

There are many variations and product types available on Amazon, which makes advertising more competitive.  

19. Amazon Sells Over 1.1 Million Home Improvement Products 

 This is just in home improvement alone. Imagine all of the other categories and their individual sales. 

20. 95 Million People Have Amazon Prime Memberships in the US. 

When someone has Amazon Prime, it raises their loyalty as a consumer and the likelihood of repeat business.

21. $1.4K is the Average Spent by Amazon Prime Members Each Year

This is the average revenue from those loyal Prime shoppers. Loyal shoppers also have a higher ROI from ads targeted to them. 

22. FBA Gives Sellers a 30-50% Increase in Sales

Amazon FBA is a service by Amazon that provides storage, packaging, and assistance to sellers when an order is placed. This is helpful to sellers because it provides an invaluable resource for selling and customer service. 

23. Amazon Shipped Over 5 Billion Items Worldwide in 2017 

This number has grown over the last three years. With extension services offered by Amazon, they are truly a powerhouse among online retailers. 

24. 80% of Sellers Also Sell on Other Platforms Outside of Amazon 

This gives sellers and advertisers momentum to elevate their exposure based on current needs. 

25. By 2021, About 1 in 10 Digital Ad Dollars Will Go to Amazon 

With Amazon constantly growing, this is essential news for advertisers attempting to get their products in front of a massive audience.