Twitch Advertising: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

Another day, another social media platform that is open for a digital advertising presence. After viewing and deep-diving into so many other well-known digital spaces, it’s time to look at Twitch as the next stop to be analyzed. 

Together we’ll take a look at what Twitch entails, some of the benefits of advertising as well as the best practices to follow when officially running a campaign. Let’s begin!  

What is Twitch? 

First, let’s begin by first explaining the platform and how it’s used. Twitch is best defined as a streaming platform that allows users to watch, broadcast, and livestream various types of content to audiences that are using the platform.  

In many cases, those who play video games have been found using the platform to broadcast themselves playing the game as well as providing commentary for users to follow along. For those that are considered to be a higher profile user, they receive thousands and thousands of views each and every day there is a stream. 

What Ad Types Are Available? 

There are a few different methods in which you are able to advertise on the platform. Whether it’s for a specific device such as a desktop or the placement of the ad like a banner, the type of ad and creative execution of it is within your control. Take a look to see what’s available. 

  • Desktop video 
  • Mobile video 
  • Cross-screen video 
  • SureStream 
  • Homepage headliner 
  • Super leaderboard  

These Are the Benefits 

Most importantly, these are the benefits that the consumers following the advertisement on the platform will witness. Follow along to see why target audiences are following and engaging with the ads on Twitch. 

  • They want to learn about your products and services 
  • Entertainment reasons 
  • There is relating news within your business or industry 
  • Promotions or discounts are available to targeted customers 
  • People are able to connect and share their interests 

Let’s Look at Costs 

Like most digital platforms with advertising capabilities, there will be varying costs for selected campaigns and advertisements. However, the following are contributors to explaining why the costs aren’t always the same.   

  • Number of current viewers 
  • Geo-location viewers 
  • Age and gender of viewers
  • Content-type streamed 
  • Seasonality 

What Are the Best Practices? 

Now that we’ve been able to fully understand Twitch and the benefits that can be reaped after advertising on the platform, let’s take a look to see how you’re able to run a more efficient campaign yourself. 

The following three key elements are an essential part of growing your own advertising or marketing campaigns. 

Make sure to always review content before forming a partnership: If you’re looking to partner with another influencer in order to grow your account, make sure to first watch their content in great depth. It will only help you in the long run when partnering with someone new. If the vibe of the other person is not similar or there are no common connections or understandings, then the partnership will do more harm than good.

It will also leave viewers questioning the partnership in the first place. 

Ensure that you’re paying attention: Twitch is a platform that will test your ability to upkeep your own personal public relations. Since there are several actions and communications that can happen in a fast-paced environment, it’s important to be able to keep a keen eye and intervene when needed.

Get creative with your thinking: This is an innovative channel with creators that also reflect this mentality. It’s important to reciprocate in your own creative way. By following along with others, then it snuffs out your own originality and diminishes the potential for a loyal audience. 

Our Final Thoughts 

After looking at all that Twitch has to offer, there are plenty of reasons why the platform would be a good option to invest in a marketing or advertising campaign. Let us know how you would plan on adding the platform to your marketing strategy and how it would best benefit you. 

Twitch is a platform that can be utilized in multiple ways, and the same thing can be said for the way its advertisers are able to execute the campaigns that are produced.