15 Best Marketing Consulting Firms in 2021

Need a marketing consulting firm? We have the very best ones lined up and ready to be contacted for your needs. Read on to find out which marketing consulting firms are making the cut as we enter the new year!

1. JungleTopp Media 

With modern skills and fast-acting strategies, this is a marketing agency that strives to build solutions and drive business for brands that operate in virtually any industry. This is a team that strives for great communication skills and for them to reflect on all of the projects they have in their grasp. Appreciation for the work and dedication from the team is what makes JungleTopp Media really shine with every client with which they collaborate!

Services include: Digital marketing strategy, Walmart Ads, TikTok Ads, Instacart Ads, and more paid media SEO, content creation, and social media, email marketing

Top clients include: Wealthsimple, Reckitt Benckiser, MediaPRO, HubSpot 

Headquarters: Boston, MA 

Founded: 2019

2. NoGood

This is a marketing agency with a team of individuals that puts valuable hard work into all that they’ve been able to achieve with their clients. Not only are they able to take a look at the client’s needs from an analytical point of view, but they are also able to put a creative spin on the campaigns that are officially executed out to the public. 

Services include: Growth marketing, creatives, data science 

Top clients include: Nike, P&G, Microsoft, and TikTok 

Headquarters: New York, NY and Los Angeles CA

Founded: 2017

3. CBD Marketing 

No challenge is too big for CBD Marketing! From business to business marketing communications to help clients with business to consumer, they’ll be able to confidently assist you with all of your biggest needs. They’re results-driven, which is exactly what every brand needs to get ahead in market share.   

Services include: Marketing, branding strategy, and social media marketing 

Top clients include: Whirlpool Corporation, Blue Diamond Almonds, and Envision  

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois 

Founded: 1988 

4. MediaSite Inc. 

This is a business that works from the beginning parts of the strategy and see it all the way through the official execution. With brand development as their specialty, they have a unique position to help clients where they need it most. 

Services include: Marketing planning, creative strategy, and social media  

Top clients include: 02 Watches, Christina Sun and Grace Athletics  

Headquarters: Huntington Beach, CA  

Founded: 1998 

5. Advanced Marketing Strategies 

Partner with a firm that is able to curate effective marketing strategies that not only create exposure, but also quality conversions. The team is able to personalize and cater to all strategies exactly to your needs.  

Services include: Marketing, advertising, and strategic planning 

Top clients include: Mossy Automotive Group, Ikea, and Sky Ute Casino Resort 

Headquarters: San Diego, California 

Founded: 1987

6. The Brandon Agency

Business to business is their forte, but this is an agency that is able to deliver in numerous amount of ways for its clients. Their unique skill set and teamwork make them a powerful team ready to serve you in the exact way you need. 

Services include: Brand strategy, media, social media 

Top clients include: CresCom Bank 

Headquarters: Charleston, South Carolina  

Founded: 1959 

7. CMG Partners 

Building customer relationships is not only a necessity, it also proves to be quite a strength. By testing out and doing the research needed for an effective campaign, CMG Partners shows that they are willing to go the extra mile for guaranteed success. 

Services include: CMG Partners 

Top clients include: N/A 

Headquarters: Durham, North Carolina 

Founded: 1998 

8. Brafton 

This is a consulting firm that is driven to achieve the right results and making each and every client happy, no matter the need. The effort they put forth plays a huge factor into how they’re able to manage the right outcomes. 

Services include: Marketing strategy and content marketing

Top clients include: Jagged Peak, Lightning Labels, IDI Billing Solutions

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts 


9. Forward Digital Consultancy

The development and overall execution of a marketing strategy is the journey that this consulting firm aims to succeed in every time. No matter the marketing platform, they treat each marketing need to the business in need. Online strategies are their strength!  

Services include: Online advertising and social media marketing 

Top clients include: Tuition Highway, Taskheer, Movenpick Hotel

Headquarters: Pakistan 

Founded: 2016

10. Deloitte 

The delivery in their service is unmatched when it comes to how they manage their communication skills. By focusing specifically on growth and marketing, marketing analytics and operations as well as the overall customer experience, Deloitte continues to prove they’re a well-rounded agency. 

Services include: Strategy, customer experience, and branding  

Top clients include: N/A 

Headquarters: New York, New York 

Founded: 2017 

11. Napier Marketing Group 

Keen strategy is what keeps this firm at the top of its game over and over again. Each digital platform all succeeds in high results. The team also possesses a high level of knowledge that is translated into the work that is done.  

Services include: Branding, marketing strategy, and business consulting 

Top clients include: UltraComfort 

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Founded: 1998

12. Spinx Digital 

Online marketing is no easy path, but this firm is able to create one all on their own and tailored to them. Marketing strategies are born from listening to the consumer and the desires the business is attempting to achieve. 

Services include: Online strategy and positioning, brand development, and web design 

Top clients include: HBB Law 

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California 

Founded: 2005

13. L7 Creative 

Partner with a firm that understands partnerships better than anyone. L7 Creative is able to put plans in place that is efficient for both parties. They’re also able to execute winning marketing strategies for each client. 

Services include: Branding strategy and digital marketing 

Top clients include: Phyto Pharma, True North, Wedgewood Weddings 

Headquarters: Carlsbad, California

Founded: 2001

14. V Digital Services 

No matter the size of the business, this marketing consulting firm has you covered in the best way. They take the functioning of your business into account as well as what needs to be achieved based on the size of the marketing consulting firm. 

Services include: SEO strategy and marketing strategy 

Top clients include: Automotive, education, and law 

Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona 

Founded: 2013

15. Legnd 

A team of many unique skills, why not invest in a place like Legnd where they can look at the business from all angles? Their ability to execute and effectively measure their campaigns are what will have clients continuously returning.  

Services include: SEO, PPC management, and marketing and strategy

Top clients include: New Orleans School of Cooking 

Headquarters: Houston, Texas 

Founded: 2001