Leveraging a major new advertising program to expand market reach and deliver results (confidential)








A large global pedicure and foot-care brand approached JungleTopp to help them leverage the brand new Walmart Advertising Partners program in order to increase brand visibility in front of Walmart’s expansive and diverse audience.


This new program was a great opportunity to leverage Walmart’s website to expand the brand’s reach to both online and offline target consumers. To help the brand take advantage of this program, JungleTopp developed a strategy to successfully launch campaigns and continuously monitor and optimize performance.

The strategy focused on optimizing these key areas for peak performance:

  • Setting up search grid & buy campaigns for each unique product
  • Adjusting placement % of search grid & buy box campaigns based on performance
  • Creating logical groupings to form campaign & ad-group structures
  • Setting up brand, category and competitor campaigns for each logical grouping
  • Conducting keyword research based on platform specific search terms
  • Stabilizing campaigns based on keyword performance
  • Eliminating poor performing keywords
  • Setting up AI keyword bid adjustment rules based on performance
  • Automating AI keyword harvesting and bid adjustments for stable campaigns


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  • Strategy


Over desktop and mobile, Walmart.com averages between 300-400 million visits per month1. At the beginning of 2020, Walmart launched the Walmart Advertising Partners program, which allows brands to utilize select third-party AdTech platforms to help scale, automate, and optimize their Sponsored Products advertising on Walmart.com.

Optimizing our approach 

The main metrics we focused on for improving our approach were impressions, click ACOS, and click ROAS. All bid adjustments and AI algorithms were adjusted to use these metrics as performance indicators. During the launch phase, we focused on increasing visibility for the 1st half of each month, then optimizing campaigns during the 2nd half of the month. Following this strategy, we were able to quickly increase sales and identify low and high performing keywords.

Making the most out of a brand new advertising program 

Through continuous improvement, we were able to optimize various keywords to get in front of the brand’s target audience – generating over $43,500 in new sales over just one month.

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