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A prominent law firm was looking to scale their paid Facebook ads from $20k/mo. to $100k/mo. while maintaining the same cost per lead of $20 or under.


• Developed a comprehensive and cohesive Facebook ads strategy • Implemented a complete optimization process that allowed us to consistently improve all ad creative and target audiences • Designed new creative and ad copy to capitalize on current events and customer personas


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Facebook Ads Management

After analyzing their paid advertising efforts on Facebook, we developed a strategy to rigorously test a targeted list of audiences, ad copy, and ad creative. We narrowed the audience down to the specific placement, platform, and device that was performing the best and doubled down on that target audience.

We developed new ad creative that outperformed our best-performing ad creative time and time again. By continuously testing new ad creative to the best-performing target audience, we were able to scale their paid Facebook ad budget from $20k/mo. to $100k/mo. in just 2 months. We also decreased the average cost per lead from $21 to $15.

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