Influencer Marketing Strategy

influencer marketing strategy

Building a detailed influencer marketing strategy is the first step in your influencer marketing campaign. So it’s essential that you strategize efficiently and effectively in order to get the best results possible from your campaign.

Influencer marketing may very well be one of your most successful marketing channels. But just like everything else, the success of your influencer marketing campaign will depend on your ability to strategize, plan, and execute. Let’s take a look at the four most important aspects of any influencer marketing campaign.

The 4 Aspects of an Influencer Marketing Strategy

The surest way to build an effective influencer marketing strategy is to break down the core elements into different segments. Once you’re broken down the core elements, then you can assign each core element to a different person or narrowly focus all of your attention on each until it is completed.


The first and most important step of your influencer marketing strategy is deciding who to reach out to. Who are your influences going to be? This is well before the research stage. This is deciding what platform they’re going to be on, what industries do they influence, and what price range are they in?


Secondly, is deciding what metrics to value when researching and analyzing your influencers. Do you trust the number of followers that they have? Do you trust the number of likes they get on each post? Or do you need to see their actual engagement rate?

If so, then you will need to find an influencer marketing software so that you can quickly analyze hundreds of influencers across multiple social media platforms. The software’s are pretty pricey so you might want to higher an agency or consultant who already has access to one.


Next, you’ll have to decide what you can offer these influencers. This will require some financial analysis and negotiation tactics. The most important thing is making sure that you get your return on investment. But you also have to provide something that is mutually beneficial and will be accepted by the influencer.

The best offer, is your business product, if possible. This way, you’re able to promote your product to the influencer and he or she has real experience using it before they promote it to their followers.


Lastly, you need to know how to measure and report on the success of the influencer marketing campaign. How long is your sales funnel? Is it less than 7 days? Are you able to track which influencer the sales are coming from? All of this is very important so that in the future you know which influences performed the best and why.