15 Best Creative Agencies in 2021

Everyone needs marketing, but sometimes a creative flare will help lift you even higher to get you and your company to where you’re going. By following along and seeing which creative agencies are the best in the business, you’ll get a feel for who you should consider partnering with next. 

1. JungleTopp 

This is a company with a creative and analytical team who has a deep understanding for both the marketing and advertising industries. With the right mix of passion and expertise, they’re able to dive in and create a well-rounded plan that will surely drive results in the right direction. 

Top clients includes: Wealthsimple, Reckitt Benckiser, and Hubspot 

Headquarters: Boston, MA 

Founded: 2019 

2. Tarina Design 

With web design and other creative abilities to make a company stand out for the better, Tarina Design has a team of experienced individuals who are ready and willing to set your company apart from the rest.  

Top clients includes: Facebook, PR Bar, UCSD and Microsoft 

Headquarters: San Diego, CA 

Founded: 2005 

3. Lounge Lizard 

Lounge Lizard has over 25 years of experience in both website design and development. With over 50 people on their team and serving in multiple cities, they know how to make the reach that will be worth it to each company represented. 

Top clients includes: A+E Networks, Disney, CANON and NYU  

Headquarters: New York, NY 

Founded: 1998

4. Rule29 

This agency breathes creative strategy into all of the investments each company makes when looking for creative help in such a competitive atmosphere. They not only help to develop, but also fully maintain the overall workings of a brand. 

Top clients includes: Fellowes, Allstate, McDonald’s and American Red Cross 

Headquarters: Geneva, IL 

Founded: 2000

5. Complex Creative 

While they only have a small team of eight, it’s certainly mighty as they focus their creative work into web development, branding, graphic design and so much more. They strive for excellent communications across all boards. 

Top clients includes: Gin Punch, Asoni Haus and Ingerit 

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom 

Founded: 2013

6. Column Five 

This is a well-rounded agency that truly provides it all! With marketing, public relations and video production all within their control, Column Five will truly know how to see a campaign through from beginning to end. 

Top clients includes: Nike, A&E, Microsoft and LinkedIn 

Headquarters: Irvine, CA 

Founded: 2009

7. ThreeSixtyEight

Another full-service agency, they know how to deliver on the digital space with SEO, web design, branding and social media. Their most notable project was creating a Google Maps feature, aiding in the overall redesign and functionality.  

Top clients includes: NASA, Paramount and Pepsi 

Headquarters: Baton Rouge, LA 

Founded: 2011

8. Manifesto Agency 

This agency has done most of their work with marketing assets and brand strategy that has helped to realign the employees within a company as well as become more on the same page as whole for the company. 

Top clients includes: Amazon, Intel, Starbucks and Arby’s 

Headquarters: Portland, OR 

Founded: 2011

9. Division of Labor 

Also a small team (11 employees), they are able to specialize with creative approaches in advertising, social media marketing and video production for clients of all sizes. They were able to run a campaign for brand awareness for a streaming device, and it had long success for over two years. 

Top clients includes: OpenDoor, Kelly and SFMOMA 

Headquarters: Sausalito, CA 

Founded: 2010 

10. Fastspot 

Women-owned, there are over 25 employees that are working with web development, web design and UX/UI services. They mainly have clients in the educational center, and they are able to deliver in a way that client voices remain professional, yet stand out above the rest.  

Top clients includes: Yale University, George Washington’s Mount Vernon and Nuclear Energy Institute 

Headquarters: Baltimore, MD 

Founded: 2001 

11. Lift Interactive Inc. 

This small agency loves to work with smaller businesses and tailor their needs into a creative strategy that is sure to yield the right results. With analytics and design combined, they are able to truly work with rhyme and reason. 

Top clients includes: Adobe, General Electric and Johnson & Johnson 

Headquarters: Edmonton, Canada 

Founded: 2002 

12. Hub

This team of only 30 employees loves to provide advertising, marketing strategy, media planning and buying services to all that they partner. Their most notable clients are within the sports industry, giving them more of a niche compared to other agencies. 

Top clients includes: San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Athletics and Blue Shield of California 

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 

Founded: 2002 

13. Jacob Tyler 

The most notable project Jacob Tyler has done was for a wildlife theme park. They were able to deliver backend and frontend design for a WordPress site. Best of all, they were also able to aid in SEO and ad retargeting to gain more traction. 

Top clients includes: Discovery Channel, ESPN, TED and SONY 

Headquarters: San Diego, CA 

Founded: 2000

14. CommCreative 

CommCreative focuses on unified marketing across all boards. They’ve been able to provide creative digital and social media campaigns for clients such as financial services, health care, biotech, education and even more industries. 

Top clients includes: GE, iboss, Johnson Controls and Hebrew Senior Life

Headquarters: Farmingham, MA 

Founded: N/A 

15. Citizen Group 

Mixing design with a marketing edge, this group of 15 employees works together to deliver in social media marketing, design and branding. One of their most notable projects was working with a sustainable organization and figuring out how to partner them in the sports industry. 

Top clients includes: Rock the Vote, United Nations and Amnesty International 

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 

Founded: 2006