How Much Do Bing Ads Cost?

Bing has played a huge role in the search engine and online space for years now. If Google doesn’t find what you’re looking for, Bing is usually the next option.

Bing has its own form of advertising, which could help your marketing strategies for the year if implemented correctly. We have all the Bing ad information you need to get started and understand how to use advertising platforms to your advantage. We’ll also help you navigate the costs, and provide a clear idea of what you’ll be spending as you run campaigns. 

The Cost Will Vary

Like many digital platforms, the cost will vary depending on the type of advertisement you want to run, as well as your current budget. Cost-per-click (CPC) also plays a large role in the advertising budget process. 

Advertising on Bing has the potential to save you a lot of money with each click. A click on Bing costs around 33-42% less than it does on AdWords, which is a big deal for companies with a tight budget who still want to gain a solid return on investment. 

Keep in mind, though, that what you ultimately spend depends on you. In fact, it will heavily depend on the market and targeted keywords. Compared to Google Discovery Ads, for example, Bing ads will always be cheaper.  

Get the Most Out of Your Advertisements

No matter how much you plan to spend on advertisements, it’s important that you’re able to receive the most out of your investments. Follow along to see what tips and tricks you can use to achieve the brand exposure and sales you need. 

Research Your Audience

It’s crucial for you to make sure the right audience is being targeted. Otherwise, all your hard work and investments will only be noticed or dismissed by targets who have no real need for your products. 

If you plan on selling luxury, for instance, it’s important to target those who have more disposable income, and perhaps those who are older. It wouldn’t necessarily make sense for you to target those who are much younger or are in school on tight budgets. 

Be Selective in Keyword Choices

Keywords make all the difference for your audience to be able to find your advertisements. Make sure you not only look for popular words but also words that are considered niche for your target market. 

For example, if you have products or services being sold in a certain area of the US like New York City, it would be beneficial to include this in your advertising efforts. If your products are available to everyone in the country, targeting a niche town such as NYC isn’t necessary. 

Prevent Overspending

Make sure to use features on the Bing platform that don’t go over your budget. 

Also, make sure to not focus on too wide an audience. Niche marketing is a proven and more effective way to target consumers because niche customers don’t have the same shopping resources available to them as the mass market.  

Add Yourself to Bing for Free

When doing any advertising for Bing, make sure to always add your website on the platform for free. No matter what outcome is obtained from using the platform, it’s always a good idea to get as much exposure as you can for your company. 

Final Thoughts

Let us know what you think about the overall costs of Bing advertising. Since the costs vary, we expect that a lot of the budget will be a result of your company’s needs. From the cost-per-click rate to controlling the length of time the advertisement runs, you have a lot of creative and logistical control.