How to Advertise CBD Online

advertise CBD online

With all of the laws regarding CBD sales, you don’t have the same marketing and advertising options as most other businesses. without the possibility to advertise on Facebook and Instagram, Google, Twitter, and other large social networks, you need to find other options.

Many people will tell you that you can still advertise on these platforms by slightly changing the wording. I would not recommend you do that. Not only do you have to remove the word CBD from your product pages, which makes them very vague and tough to understand for customers, you also run the risk of being banned from these platforms. So how do you advertise CBD online?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is still one of the most effective forms of marketing to this day. It is especially important for advertising CBD online. As we mentioned before, without the ability to manage social paid advertising, this leaves a void but also creates an opportunity. An opportunity for you to allocate the money you would have spent on paid advertising to SEO instead.

By hiring a dedicated SEO specialist and a team of content writers, you can position yourself as the authoritative voice in the CBD industry. This will go a long way and will generate tons of traffic and sales and it is a long-term approach rather than short-term paid advertising.

Influencer Marketing

There are some rules and guidelines to follow regarding CBD influencer marketing since this is mainly done on those same social networks that don’t allow CBD paid advertising. It’s best to make the sponsored post not so ‘salesy’ and not so product-focused.

Influencer marketing has been known to have some of the highest returns on investment in the past few years, higher than paid advertising. So this is a great channel first CBD online sales.

There are a lot of rules and guidelines to follow when building your influencer database, deciding which influences to reach out to you, and deciding what to offer those influencers. Of course, you should be looking for influencers specific to the CBD industry.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing doesn’t have the greatest connotations nowadays, but it is effective. Just look at Amazon, they’ve been using affiliate marketing for years and years and it’s been wildly successful for them, and for their affiliates.

That’s the key. Creating a win-win situation, a mutually beneficial affiliate partnership so that your affiliates will promote your products rather than other brands’ products. This might mean partnering with bloggers or newsletter owners or e-commerce owners.


Dropshipping is another one of those industries that has been wildly successful in the past few years and it’s a great way for CBD brands to advertise online.

By listing your CBD products on popular dropshipping platforms and then approving e-commerce stores to dropship your products, you open up a whole new market.


Podcast happy come popular again, all of a sudden and there is a great way for you to advertise to the millions of podcast listeners.

Just think of it like a radio ad, except podcasts are cheaper and they’re easier to negotiate with and it’s easier to get in touch with the decision-maker.