Helping A Skincare Brand Quickly Adapt To New Consumer Needs During A Pandemic By Leveraging An Online Shopping Platform. (confidental)








At the onset of the 2020 pandemic, one of the biggest skincare brands in the US, known in particular for acne-fighting products, saw consumer preferences switching heavily towards online shopping and approached JungleTopp to run a full-fledged advertising campaign on the online shopping platform, Instacart, to promote its products to shoppers in search results.

We leveraged Instacart’s self-serve advertising platform to create a comprehensive strategy to put the brand in front of the right shoppers at the right time. Our strategy included:
  • Creating logical groupings to form campaign & ad-group structures
  • Conducting keyword research based on platform-specific search terms
  • Focusing on category-specific and competitive keywords
  • Expanding reach during the launch phase by driving impressions 
  • Conducting additional keyword harvesting and bid adjustments
  • Stabilizing campaigns based on keyword performance
  • Eliminating poor performing keywords
  • Setting up AI keyword bid adjustment rules based on performance
  • Automating AI keyword harvesting and bid adjustment for stable campaigns


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  • Strategy


Pandemic-driven lifestyle changes led to a widespread adoption of online grocery shopping and delivery. Brands needed to quickly adapt to new consumer behaviors by finding ways to meet their customers where they shop – online.

65% of consumers changed their shopping habits during the pandemic. First-time users of online grocery services spiked 28% in March [1].

Rapidly changing needs led to the rise in popularity of Instacart, a mobile grocery delivery app that allows consumers to shop from their local grocery stores. Between March and May of 2020, Instacart saw an unprecedented 300% rise in app downloads [2].

As a major in-store retail brand watching this unfold, the brand saw the opportunity to lean on Instacart to help them reach more customers while they shop online and gain a larger market share in the fast-growing online retail space.

Instacart offers many ways for brands to get in front of their target audience: organic rankings, top sellers, stock items in product categories, previously purchased items, and recommended products through sponsored search ads and other paid placements.

JungleTopp helped the brand fully leverage the Instacart Ads platform features. By honing in on sponsored search ads, keyword optimization levers, and customized bidding, JungleTopp created opportunities for the brand  to reach their target audience outside of the typical store environment as online shopping increased.

On top of expanding the brand’s reach, JungleTopp also collected insights that Instacart provides to optimize search ad performance. These insights not only drive sales, but also help the brand understand and react to consumer trends, preferences, and new intelligence on shopper behavior.

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