15 Brands Advertising on Hulu

Hulu is a major television streaming service. With its many subscription services, viewers might be surprised when they find out that some of the options still use advertising with payments. 

This has been quite successful for Hulu advertising. The different price points for the subscription service convince more viewers to pay for more expensive subscriptions. For those that are curious to see which brands are advertising on Hulu, we’ve rounded up the top 15. 

1. Carvana 

Carvana has topped the Hulu charts in advertising. In fact, they are the top platform on the website because they’ve invested the most, nearly $4.4 million on Hulu ads. 

The brand positions itself as the best online car buying space on the platform, with one of the easiest processes.  

2. Geico 

9% of Geico’s advertising budget is enough to make it the second biggest brand to advertise on the platform. 

No matter which platform it uses, Geico continues to position itself the same way, which is saving people more on car insurance. 

3. Walmart 

While we’ve spoken about Walmart being a giant in the retail space (second only to Amazon), it’s third on the revenue list invested in Hulu advertising. Recently, the platform has invested money for advertising that focuses closely on staying relevant during this pandemic. 

4. Maker’s Mark 

Right in the middle of your binge-watching session, you’ll most likely see Maker’s Mark take center stage in the advertising department. They use the binge ad, a slot that lets brands advertise in a way that’s relevant to their current streaming experience. 

5. Adidas 

Adidas was strategic in using the Brand Entertainment Selector (BES), an ad preference tool that allows users to select the types of ads they want to see during their viewing experience. Adida ads that pop up as the examples that coincide with the current on-screen selection. 

6. Cost Plus World Market 

As a way to sponsor a show, brands like Cost Plus World Market have the ability to showcase their brand and logo right before the beginning of a show. They are using what’s known as a branded slate before a television show.  

7. Downton Abbey 

Sometimes even the shows that are on Hulu will advertise so that you go and watch it next. Downton Abbey has been known to use a branded slate, which is a custom title card with prime positioning shown before the start of a show. 

8. Little Fires Everywhere

Like Downton Abbey, this show advertises itself on the platform, though a little differently. Little Fires Everywhere uses a cover story brand placement, which placed it on Hulu’s homepage. 

9. Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club took the personal route by offering itself as an interactive form of advertisement. By mixing traditional living room videos with personalized offers and prompts, this is a brand with a mission to build engagement and raise conversions. 

This form of advertising is called GatewayGo, which is still being tested by Hulu

10. Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is a cruise line service that brings an exciting form of advertisement to our living rooms, with interactive video formats and  customizable ad activities. 

This form of advertising shows more to viewers about the latest products, features, and services. 

11. Degree 

Degree chose to put users first with pause ads, which were unintrusive and initiated by the user. This ad appears every time a viewer pauses their own show content. 


While this form of advertising is still being tested, Windows is using Max Selector. This allows the brand to have enhanced creative abilities to maximize the impact of their message. Customization and viewer choice are key.  

13. Portal From Facebook 

Like Cost Plus World Market, Facebook is using the exact same method. However, they’re doing so with premium features. This advertising method offers more creative freedom, video leverage, quality visuals, and premier sound. 

The slate time is also seven seconds, more than enough time to grasp the concept of the brand. 

14. Marvel 

Marvel used the same method as Facebook. To promote their movies, they used eye-grabbing visuals, minimal text, and commanding voice overs to present major motion picture releases. 

15. NBC

Logos in the bottom right corner of television shows are a form of advertising. NBC places its logo on the bottom right corner of This Is Us.  As a show that streams on NBC, the television network chose to display this key piece of information.