Leveraging a doorstep delivery platform to grow a health supplement brand.(confidental)








A large global Omega-3 health supplement brand approached JungleTopp to help expand their reach and sales through the doorstep grocery delivery app, Instacart.

JungleTopp devised and implemented an in-depth, multi-layer ad-strategy to reach the brand’s target market and increase sales via Instacart’s self-serving ads platform.
  • Extensive keyword research to leverage the highest-performing organic keywords on Instacart and other marketplaces.
  • Execution of three different campaigns focusing on specific product lines. Each campaign utilized numerous Ad Groups based on the symptoms, product strength, and type.
  • First strategy iteration held back on branded keywords while aggressively bidding on category keywords to maximize impressions and clicks and establish organic baseline sales numbers. 
  • Second iteration then launched into aggressive bidding on branded keywords to go head to head with competitors.
  • Throughout implementation, high performing keywords were filtered for and boosted using both AI and manual tactics.


  • Instacart 
  • Strategy


As of 2019, the global Omega-3 market size was valued at $2.49 billion and is expected to expand 7.7% YoY through 2027 [1]. Factors contributing to the growth in the Omega-3 market include growing awareness of its benefits for helping those with chronic diseases, growing awareness of overall health benefits, and regulations that favor using Omega-3 in infant formula.
The brand faces the challenge of offering competitive prices, building brand trust, and loyalty, and reaching customers on easily accessible platforms. Trust, in particular, is a big factor when it comes to health products.

Due to pandemic-driven changes in consumer preferences, Instacart’s app downloads increased nearly 300% from February and March 2020 [2]. Because of it’s rising popularity, Instacart appeared as a platform where the brand could reach more customers, offer them a competitive price, and use ads to display trust.

Due to these combined factors, the brand decided to leverage Instacart’s self-service ads platform to expand their reach and build more trust with their target market.

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