Wealthsimple was looking to establish themselves as an SEO powerhouse in the crowded financial industry that is dominated by conglomerate media companies.


• Improve the existing SEO outreach campaign strategy • Identify and build a list of prospective bloggers, negotiate contracts with them, and carrying out day-to-day communication with the bloggers • Build high-quality, authoritative, industry-specific backlinks




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Wealthsimple, a Canadian online investment management service with over $5 billion CAD under management, was looking to make a bigger content play and increase organic traffic in a very competitive market. To compete against direct and indirect competitors, they would need an aggressive content strategy and SEO strategy. After failing to achieve the necessary results with several different marketing agencies, Wealthsimple partnered with JungleTopp to oversee and execute all aspects of the SEO outreach piece of the campaign.

We worked closely with Wealthsimple to develop a strategy for the SEO outreach campaign, identifying prospective bloggers, negotiating contracts with them, carrying out day-to-day communication with both Wealthsimple and the bloggers, and, finally, reporting on the success of the campaign.

We successfully negotiated link placements and guest posts with more 40 highly authoritative blogs all within the target demographic who had a young, but very loyal, following and worked with them to share the Wealthsimple message to their following.

At the end of the campaign, our blogger outreach accounted for more than 1,000 high-quality backlinks, increased organic traffic by over 100,000 views annually, and helped Wealthsimple become the SEO powerhouse that they are today.

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