Instacart Featured Products: How to Get Started

Did you know about Instacart featured products? Customers will see these ads when they search for related keywords using the Instacart app.

Have you heard about Instacart featured products? Chances are more users and marketers have heard of this platform within the last year, especially in 2020. And consumers actually have COVID-19 to thank (if you can believe you’re thanking a pandemic-inducing virus). 

For those that may not have heard of this platform before, Instacart is an online grocery shopping platform that delivers groceries right to your door. There are personalized shoppers sent out to go grab your order from stores that carry the items you requested. These stores include CVS Pharmacy, Wegmans and Costco among so many others! Pretty cool, right? 

This is a store that ‘s increased tremendously in business in the past few months too. In March alone, online grocery store shopping went from 11% to 37%, which is a huge jump for the platform. 

Now, when we look into the opposite side of sales for the business and move on over to the marketing aspect, there’s a ton for marketers to take a deep dive. Instacart now uses Pacvue to offer self-serve advertising features in order to get their brand’s featured products to the mass market. 

Pacvue is known for hosting advertising features for other monstrously huge companies such as Amazon and Walmart. When Instacart and Pacvue marry each other in the business of advertising, there’s quite a few features that can be achieved between the two. 

Let’s look into these, shall we? 

Instacart Utilizes a Self-Serve Platform 

Instacart originally launched a self-serve advertising platform as a way to compete with other media outlets and other growing digital retailers. They include some of the following: 

  • Amazon 
  • CVS Pharmacy 
  • Kroger 
  • Target 
  • Walmart 

Huge companies such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever and PepsiCo are among the brands that have actually tested the ad platform in the past few months, finding it to be of great value. Its marketplace ads include banners, coupons and delivery promotions. 

For those to begin their own advertising campaign, marketers need to first set up an account through Instacart. By doing this, it will allow marketers to utilize measurement tools to track campaigns per the website. 

This platform will also help marketers to reach shoppers when they are most ready to buy their groceries and complete the rest of the household shopping for the week. Since the pandemic hit, marketers have been able to highlight branded products on an online presence to customers that may have not seen them any other time.   

Where Do Instacart Ads Appear? 

Instacart Featured Products

Did you know Instacart offers feature product advertising? Customers will see these ads when they search for related keywords using the Instacart app. They can even search the home page or different department, browse through item details and even check out a personalized section. 

On average, the online shopper browses several times before making a purchase. They do this as a form of research, whether they ultimately purchase on the online platform or in stores. Since Instacart knows this, there are several opportunities for featured advertisements like the above to reach the desired audience. 

Take ketchup for instance. If someone is looking for a quality brand or one with certain ingredients, the customer might type in a few different keywords. Heinz Ketchup may then pop up for each one at the top. As the customer continues to search, they’ll then be more likely to purchase Heinz as it becomes more apparent as the top result. 

This feature is similar to Amazon, and conversion will most likely happen when the advertisements pop up at the top of the search. 

Instacart Featured Products Use Keyword Bidding 

instacart ad platform

This is a platform that uses auctioning and bids for specific keywords. Then the auction is won based on a combination of the CPC bid and relevance. 

Here’s a look into how it works! If you were to target “chocolate chip cookies” the keyword bid would only be applied to the exact phrase, and it wouldn’t be applied to variations like “chip cookies” or “chocolate chip cookie”. 

They Even Make Sure Your Keywords are Competitive 

Instacart is actually pretty similar to Amazon in the way they operate with their auction model. When marketers are bidding they’re only paying $.01 more than their competition. This particular setup is great for those who want to be competitive in their advertising without going way over their budget. 

To show if you’ve won the bid, Instacart will rate keywords to show the probability of the advertiser winning them for the campaign. The system is also set to be viewed in real time, so you can see the change in bids. 

  • Green, a high probability winning at least 50% of placements 
  • Yellow, also a high probability of winning at least 25% of placements 
  • Red, there is no chance of winning any placements

How Does One Get Started with Instacart?

There’s four easy steps for getting set up with your own campaign, and you should as this can be super beneficial to your brand! Take a look at the following to see how you can achieve your start. 

Learn How to Structure Your Campaigns: When creating a campaign, there’s actually no SKU limit you have to worry about. However, there is a keyword limit of 1,000 per ad group. But did you know you can have multiple ad groups in the same campaign? 

Set Your Budget: Be conscious of your budget and make sure not to go over. This is best achieved when you set a date for the campaign and monitor spending within that budget you set for yourself. 

Exclude Certain Keywords from Campaigns: Make sure you monitor which words are serving you in the campaign. If the keyword isn’t doing as well as you hoped, you can lower the bid value to minimum in order to focus your efforts elsewhere. 

Get started ASAP: Instacart has grown tremendously in the last year due to the current pandemic and more shoppers are showing up on this platform. It’s important to get ahead of the game and get the opportunity to showcase your brand’ s voice. 

Have you tried out Instacart self-serve advertising before? Let us know what you think about the online platform or if you plan on using it yourself for future marketing campaigns!


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